SOS page

If you or someone else is in serious crisis, at risk of harm and needs urgent mental health support, use the options below

  • Drinkaware

    mon-fri: 9AM - 8PM
    weekends: 11AM - 4PM

    Drinkaware is a website that offers tips and tools for managing your alcohol problem. It also gives advices how to deal with our beloved one's addictions. They don't need to use a phone, you can use a Drinkchat on the website - it's safe and confidential

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain Free Helpline


    If you feel lost in addiction and you don't know what the next step is... call this helpline so you can be reassured and advised, but mostly listened to. AA Greeat Britain offers a wide range of free help in many ways. You will get clearer about how you might get out of alcoholism and how to deal with it daily

    It is always worth it to make a first step towards your mental health

  • Support Line - asking for help is a sign of strength


    Asking for help is a sign of strength

    • 01708 765200


    SupportLine provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. The Helpline is primarily a preventative service and aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis. It is particularly aimed at those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at risk groups and victims of any form of abuse and it's able to take calls on a wide range of issues including relationships, child abuse, anger, bullying, eating disorders, exam stress, self harm, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, disability, mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, debt, phobias, conflict, sexuality, health concerns, homelessness, racial harassment, loneliness.